“News Is What Somebody Does Not Want You To Print…

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“…All the Rest Is Advertising”

Who is the originator of this quote?

George Orwell? Alfred Harmsworth? William Randolph Hearst? L. E. Edwardson? Robert W. Sawyer? Mark Rhea Byers? Brian R. Roberts? Malcolm Muggeridge? Katharine Graham? Lord Rothermere? Lord Northcliffe? Anonymous?

“Whatever a patron desires to get published is advertising; whatever he wants to keep out of the paper is news” – expressed in a little framed placard on the desk of L. E. Edwardson, day city editor of the Chicago Herald and Examiner.

There are but two classes of people in the world—those who have done something and want their names kept out of the paper, and those who haven’t done anything worth printing and want their names put in. — Atchison (Kan.) Globe.

Alfred C. Harmsworth in the book ‘Journalism as a Profession’ published in 1903:

It is part of the business of a newspaper to get news and to print it; it is part of the business of a politician to prevent certain news being printed. For this reason the politician often takes a newspaper into his confidence for the mere purpose of preventing the publication of the news he deems objectionable to his interests.

“When a man wants to keep anything out of the paper it is good news! … When he wants you to print it—it is propaganda or advertising!” – Hearst

“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want published; everything else is public relations” – George Orwell

Source: Quote Investigator