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How the European Far-Right Is Growing in Power and Influence

“Across Europe, populism is growing on both the left and the right—but it has much more momentum on the right. In a sign of the political times, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker used his final State of the Union speech this week to denounce ‘unhealthy nationalism’.

Comment: Unhealthy to the EU, that is.

A closer look at the descriptions of the five countries shows how “far right” is associated with anti-immigration and anti-EU policies.

Here, five European countries witnessing the rise of the far-right(according to Time):

  1. Italy: “strong anti-migrant and anti-Brussels posturing”
  2. Sweden: “Sweden Democrats were hammering away at Sweden’s relatively-open migration policy”
  3. Germany: “a direct response to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ‘open-door’ policy to Syrian refugees”
  4. France: “Le Pen’s … brand of nationalist, anti-immigration politics”
  5. Hungary: Orban: “The Hungarian people have decided that their country is not going to be a country of migrants” – in “defiance to [the] Brussels bureaucracy”

Source: Time