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“Pacific Catholic leader to speak on the poor, climate change and the threat of rising tides”

A CHURCH leader who [claims that he] has witnessed Pacific villagers forced from their coastal homes because of rising sea levels is to celebrate Mass in Brisbane next month, and will speak about the poor, the vulnerable and the challenges of climate change. Suva Archbishop Peter Loy Chong, who is president of the Oceania Federation of Catholic Bishops Conferences, will concelebrate the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation at St Stephen’s Cathedral on September 1, marking the start of the Season of Creation. As a leader in the Pacific, Archbishop Chong is calling for ecological action and wants Catholics to get involved.

Source: The Catholic Leader

Comment: He must have very good eyesight indeed, to witness sea levels rising at 3.2mm per annum, or less than 10 microns per day. For perspective, a “hair’s breadth” (a human hair) is between 17 and 181 microns thick. The Archbishop must think that people are thick to believe that he’s able to see a sea level rise equal to less than a “hair’s breadth” each day.

Hair’s breadth

This measurement is not precise because human hair varies in diameter, ranging anywhere from 17 μm to 181 μm.[8] One nominal value often chosen is 75 μm

Source: Wikipedia