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Here’s the Biggest Mistake You Can Make When Correcting a Lie

When correcting a lie, don’t repeat it. Yes, this is counterintuitive. When you see a lie, your human reaction is to call it out and correct it. But as it turns out, the strategy often backfires. Repeating the lie calls more attention to it and makes it more familiar, leading people to be more likely (not less) to believe that it’s true.

An even more powerful strategy: Tell the truth first. Then identify the lie you’re correcting. Present your evidentiary facts and summarize by reiterating, once again, the conclusion of truth.

The Truth Sandwich:
‘The facts in this situation are X. Some false reports have claimed Y, but here are five points of evidence that show the truth to be X’.

You eliminate the power of fake news by beginning and ending your post with true statements to be sure they are the first and the last thing readers hear.

Source: San Antonio Express-News