First Australians – Pygmies

  Newspeak, Revisionism
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The extinction of the Australian pygmies

The Encyclopedia of Aboriginal Australia (1994), published by the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, today does its best to disguise these people. It lists some of their tribes, including the Djabuganjdji, Mbarbaram (Barbaram) and Yidinjdji (Indindji), but does not mention a word about their stature. Only its entry ‘Rainforest Region’ records the existence of ‘small, curly-haired people with languages which have distinctive features’, but the accompanying photograph of Yidinjdji tribesmen taken in 1893 does not give any scale or point of comparison to show that these adult males were only about 140 centimeters (four feet six inches) tall.

Source: Quadrant Online

Photo taken near Kuranda, North Queensland, in 1938.