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  Polispeak, Virtue Signalling
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Public service must have ‘laser-like’ focus on ‘Middle Australia’: Scott Morrison

August 18: The Australian public service must ‘look beyond the bubble‘ to serve the ‘quiet Australians’ instead of lobbyists … PM Scott Morrison will warn in a major speech to the IPA on the future direction of the Commonwealth bureaucracy

Source: The Canberra Times

Scott Morrison attacks the public service, lobbyists for ‘bubble’ mentality

August 19: Scott Morrison launched his own promise to ‘drain the swamp’, with a sharp offensive against public servants and lobbyists. It was the prime minister’s bid to deflate the Canberra ‘bubble’, which he claims contains priorities alien to the concerns of most voters.


‘It’s ridiculous’: PM takes aim at gender identity toilet sign

Mr Morrison told Mr Fordham he’d already spoken to incoming PM&C boss Phil Gaetjens about the sign and predicted it would not last long. ‘Honestly, this is why we call it the Canberra bubble‘, the PM said. ‘It’s ridiculous. It’ll be sorted out. I’ve had a chat to the incoming head of PM&C … I think people can work out which room to use’.

The PM’s intervention was slammed [slammed?] by Opposition Leader Albanese,….

The Federal VP of the Liberal Party Teena McQueen told Mr Fordham:
‘I think it’s something [outgoing head] Martin Parkinson brought in …’

Source: SMH

Labor thanks Parkinson for ability to lead under both ‘political colours’

2 September: Labor has farewelled Martin Parkinson for his ‘remarkable’ service and dedicated contribution to gender equality.

Opposition leader Albanese and Shadow Minister Gallagher thanked Parkinson in a statement, saying ‘Dr Parkinson’s ability to remain impartial and to serve governments of both political colours is admirable …’

Under Parkinson, PM&C embarked on its Gender Equality Strategy, which aimed to challenge unconscious biases and have maintained a gender balance of a minimum of 40% each of men and women in the department by 2019, with a 50-50 balance in Executive Board positions and the SES.

Source: The Mandarin