Infowars: Is Climate Change really a ‘Health Emergency’?

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Shah Nawaz Mohal – writing from Pakistan

Mankind: A tragicomedy

“Our civilization has become a place where even the basic facts about everything under the sun are disputed, stats are unreliable, twisted and the truth is exiled to a land from where no soul returns. Since, we humans are in habit of naming things to make sense of them; we call our time the ‘post-truth’ age”.

“Truth is dead, gone and buried. Let the one who can yell the loudest and have the charisma to turn people into blind followers be the leader of men. This leader is neither shackled to rules and laws nor answerable to checks and balances. He is free to do whatever pleases him, whatever appease his or her followers and whatever shocks and awes the populace at large”.

“Also, the human quest for control and utter supremacy over ‘other’ is no longer undertaken by medal-laden old generals trained in the craft of warfare. A man armed with a laptop, an internet connection and a sinister mindset can wreak more havoc than a militant armed to the teeth”.

“The truth about our nature is: No matter how much we love to think of ourselves as rational, logical beings, our motivations and preferences are always rooted in primal emotions of fear, hatred, and love”.

Source: Pakistan Today

When fiction triumphs over reality

“Fictions unite us. Reality divides us. We escape from reality through fiction as we make sense of the former through the latter. Fiction helps us traverse through the peaks and valleys of reality. Reality, dear folks, is the enemy we need to defeat every time we are face to face. Fiction is the ammunition we use in this eternal war”.

Source: Pakistan Today

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