Culture War

  Culture War
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The words and phrases that defined the decade

Partisan politics used to be defined by economics, but the past decade has seen a sharp rise in increasingly personal and identity-driven political divides. Identity politics doesn’t just refer to its derogatory connotation of social justice warrior snowflakes advocating for cancel culture and political correctness (though that’s part of it). The rise of the alt-right, modern white supremacy, and men’s rights activists show how perceived threats to one’s race, gender, religious, and cultural identity are one of the only commonalities shared by both sides.

In truth, definitive, hard facts about the culture war are impossible to determine while we’re in the thick of it.

But what’s undeniable is its impact on language, with each side forming its own set of distinct terminology: problematic, microaggressions, virtue signaling, toxicity, gaslighting, safe spaces, triggered, red pilled, Q-anon, incel. In a world of alternative facts, when even words like fake news lose all meaning, it’s hard to be sure of anything.

Source: Mashable